Insurers + Ignite

Ignite works with insurers to distribute their products as seamlessly as possible to their brokers.  This can be full-cycle EDI or, if required, by custom bordereaux.  Insurers work with Ignite either to make sure that their products have good UK coverage, or because they have a specific product or broker that won't work on their legacy software system.  

Where new projects with brokers are made prohibitive by the cost or time delay of legacy systems, Ignite step in. 


Ignite is renowned for their ability to get products to launch as quickly as possible.  With so many hurdles to clear to have products approved (rate testing, EDI testing, compliance, etc) it is important that any builds or fixes are completed in double time, so the project retains momentum.  Ignite offer on-site testing and a sophisticated web-based project management and bug-reporting tool to allow all parties to keep a close eye on the progress of projects.  


Ignite is one of the fastest growing insurance software systems in the UK.  Our broker base has consistently doubled year-on-year since 2014.  For access to specialist regional insurance brokers, especially in the niche motor space, Ignite is fast becoming the leading UK software house.  

Our brokers specialise in these lines among others: specialist vehicle, motorhomes, caravans, gadget, pet, telematics, specialist home, and more. 

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