Ignite Broker is a front- and back-end system designed for specialist brokers.  For a business that requires customisation, proprietary scheme builds and e-trading functionality, look no further.  

Whilst supporting all lines of business, B2B and B2C,  Ignite Broker gives unprecedented control over documents, pricing, and MI.  Powerful back-office systems can often be difficult to navigate, but Ignite Broker uses intuitive web-interfaces to make training easy.

Rating Engine

Ignite Broker is linked to our Rating Engine, where brokers can either access open market schemes, or build their own.  For brokers with delegated authority live control over rates and commissions is business critical.  


Your website is your shop-window.  Ignite Broker allows customers to use your website to quote & buy online, and login afterwards to retrieve their documents


The Ignite Broker MI Dashboard gives business users an easy overview of the key performance indicators.  The Reports suite allows you to customise the data you need and immediately export it to Excel for further analysis.   


Ignite Broker is linked to a variety of third party systems to enhance your business.  From vehicle look-ups to Experian credit checks, from website analytics to the major premium finance providers.  Select the ones you need and they're ready to go.  

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