August 2016


  • Improved landing pages from Aggregators
  • CMA-related updates to add-ons
  • New quote enrichment features


JULY 2016

V14.4 comes with new colours...! 

  • We now come in green and red, if you don't like Ignite blue...
  • Rate splitter for commercial lines products
  • Refined premium overrider function


June 2016

V14.3a has some technical release updates

  • Additional document parameters
  • Cancelation process amendments
  • Cancelation calculation amendments


May 2016

V14.3 gives a whole new customer experience

  • Quick-Quote-Lite feature, to get a guaranteed price to customers
  • Multi-lingual UI controls feature
  • New results page features


April 2016

Still no V15, again, more behind the scenes work this month  

  • Customisable bordereaux function
  • New product sets: gadget and invoice financing
  • Aggregator interface revamp


March 2016

V14B isn't V15 because most of this month's updates are behind the scenes.  

  • Security upgrades around virus checking and firewalls
  • Performance upgrades after extensive volume testing
  • A new payment method: GoCardless


February 2016

V14 has arrived and with it...

  • A new API for Pet Insurance
  • Drop-down buttons on customer interface! 


January 2016

Why didn't you call it v14?  Search me.  Ask the techies.  TG stands for turbo gadgets apparently.  This is what comes of staring at a screen too long...

  • Aggregator performance optimisation
  • Further mobile optimisation
  • Fixes


December 2015


  • It's snowing!  Yes, along with the other less useful updates this month, we have given our clients a 'snow' feature, just in case. 
  • Email suppression
  • Dynamic Product enhancements
  • Bug fixes, inc. ability to turn off 'snow'! 


November 2015

All clients have been upgraded to v13.a this month.  This latest upgrade includes:

  • New question set flexibility around field sets
  • Google Cloud Printing
  • Enhanced Correspondence functionality around enclosures, templates and filtering


October 2015

All clients have been upgraded to v13 this month.  This latest upgrade includes:

  • Enhancements to Dynamic Products Module
  • New features in the Finance Module around automated financial reports
  • Bug fixes


September 2015

All clients have been upgraded to v12 this month.  This latest upgrade includes:

  • Changes to IPT for November rates
  • New features in User Interface Module
  • Task Manager feature enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Welcome to update

August 2015

From now on we will be publishing irregular newsflashes on features, fixes, and enhancements to our single code line.  

All clients will have access to these so watch out here for further updates.