At the core of Ignite is our powerful brokerage system.  This front- and back-end system is chosen by businesses that require customisation, their own scheme builds, and e-trading functionality.

Whilst supporting all lines of business, B2B and B2C,  Ignite Broker gives unprecedented control over documents, pricing, and MI.  Powerful back-office systems can often be difficult to navigate, but Ignite Broker uses intuitive web-interfaces to make training easy.

Take a look at the system features page, and get in touch for a demo.


Ignite's MGA (Managing General Authority) system is founded on the principle that good information is king.  Our MGA system makes use of our open architecture to provide the widest variety of reporting tools and MI. 

With affordable systems MGAs can make best use of their nimble size and expertise to corner their preferred markets.  We actively promote our MGA's products to our brokers.

Ignite Insurer

Ignite prides itself on speed to market.  New products and services can be brought to market with build times of as little as 1 day per scheme.

Our flexible question sets, and variety of web-based communication tools, gives us the perfect tool-kit to help insurers streamline, combine and increase volumes within their niche schemes.